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With $10.7 million damage bill, Fiji’s agriculture sector expected to be the worst hit

Tropical Depression 04F has cost the government $10.7M so far, according to the National Disaster Management Office.

DISMAC Director Akapusi Tuifagalele says these figures are more than likely to increase in the coming days with substantial losses expected in the agriculture sector.

“The Water Authority as I mentioned yesterday, $1.8 million, FEA have come up with $250 thousand, the Fiji Roads, $8.5 million and Agriculture, they are continuing, they will be doing their survey on the 30th and likewise to for the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education, their survey’s are in progress so in total we have a preliminary estimated cost of damage of $10.7 million.”

Meanwhile the latest figures on evacuation centres has 2327 evacuees spread across 119 temporary shelters

In the Central division, there are 406 people living in 43 evacuation centres. In the Eastern division there are 230 people spread across 24 centres. In the North, there are 19 centres open with 366 people.

The Western division has 33 centres open with 1325 evacuees.

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