Vanuatu has joined other 192 countries in the world to find solutions to slowdown the impact of climate change through different conventions and treaties that were signed in decades ago and recently, for the develop countries to adopt the requirements of the treaties and look at ways were the low lying islands in the pacific could survive and protect themselves from the impact of climate change which now impacting in the daily lives of the people of the pacific including Vanuatu.

During a field trip to agriculture Tagabe station, 15 journalists and media rep were informed of what government of Vanuatu has been working on since mid 2000 to prepare its population to be aware of climate change effects with sustainable resources such as aquaculture and creating resilient food crop and educate the population of how to prevent coastal erosion by planting Vetiver in some of our islands who are already seeing the effect of climate change.

Marine  resources, agriculture , will be the most sectors that will be affected by the impact of climate change.

Andrew William, Aquaculture Officer at Tagabe fish farm says that it’s very important for  Vanuatu to look after its people and prepare us ahead of what will be the worst impact of climate change , decades to come , in introducing fish farm on the islands of Vanuatu :

Vanuatu has introduced such Tilapia aquaculture program since 2004 ..first it was trialed on the island of Efate, then to Santo and Tanna and now its spread to other islands such as Maevo and becomes a successful program that people are benefiting from .

But why using tilapia and not other fish species?

Tilapia along with prawns imported from Fiji  are  the main  marine resources distributed to farmers  on the islands .

Vanuatu is very venerable to issues such as sea level rise, storm surge, extreme weather events such as category 5 cyclones, el Nino and la Nina to name a few.

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