ADB supports the Government of Nauru to focus on improved resilience and sustainability.

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Government of Nauru yesterday signed a US$5 million grant to help fund the preparation of an ADB-supported project for boosting urban services in Nauru.

Nauru’s Minister of Finance and ADB Governor Martin Hunt and ADB Pacific Department Director-General Leah Gutierrez signed the grant agreement, which will partly fund the assessment, planning, and capacity building needed to implement the proposed Nauru Sustainable Urban Development Project.

“Growth in Nauru’s urban areas puts stress on essential services, including water supply and sanitation,” said  Hunt. “There is a critical need for this urban project, preparation is key, and we appreciate ADB’s support in planning and developing it.”  

The proposed US$20 million projects will increase access to and improve the quality and safety of essential urban services for about 2,150 households on the island.

“The public health and well-being of people in Nauru depend on having better access to safe water, sanitation, and effective solid waste management,” Gutierrez said. “ADB is supporting the Government of Nauru in the planning of this urban project, which will also focus on improved resilience and sustainability, particularly in the face of climate change and exposure to natural disasters.”

ADB will use its project readiness facility to fast-track project-developing engineering designs and procurement plans. The ADB project team will also develop policies and capacities to manage the new urban facilities and deliver improved services.

The US$5 million grant is sourced from ADB’s Asian Development Fund. The Government of Nauru is contributing US$210,000.

This story was published at Asian Development Bank on 31 August 2021, reposted via PACNEWS.

Banner: ADB approves a US$5 million grant to improve urban service delivery in Nauru. Photo: AFP/Torsten Blackwood

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