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Agriculture show in Samoa showcases wide variety of produce

A variety of agricultural and fisheries produce is on display at the two-day Agriculture Show in Apia.

The Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries Laauli Leuatea Polataivao says he is proud of the large variety of produce from around the country.

He says as technology changes, farmers are being challenged to be able to understand the risks and rewards of using new technology in agriculture.

“Right now, our farmers need to be trained well,and should be equipped with the knowledge on how to handle chemicals, combating climate change, technical advances, all in an effort to prevent diseases from damaging crops,” he said.

Exhibitors will receive prizes tomorrow for the various categories in a competition run by the organisers of the show.

They will also be able to sell their produce to the public.

According to the 2015 Samoa Agricultural Survey, there are 27,411 households engaged in agriculture – over 97% of all households in the country – and of these 5,303 utilise agriculture as their main source of income.

Agriculture is now a prominent part of Samoa’s development agenda – for improving rural livelihoods, ensuring food security and good nutrition, and contributing to rural incomes.

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