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Tui Vusu lays down climate challenge

TUI Vusu Ratu Siriako Naciwai Matabogi has urged youths in his districts of Komave and Korolevu-i-wai in Sigatoka to think of how they can combat climate change.

Ratu Siriako made this comment while speaking at the Warwick Community Make It Count Expo at the Warwick Fiji Resort & Spa on Wednesday.

“This is real and we want our young people to understand and adapt to this so that they are able to plan their lives better and not be affected by this, which is something we cannot change,” he said.

“We already see how our land is slowly being washed away and how very soon saltwater will go into the soil and affect our crops and vegetables.

“When our youths look for employment, they should always think ahead, to their future and maybe if they can, to try and get jobs that will also help in addressing this climate change issue.”

Ratu Siriako said employment in fields such as environmental conservation, agriculture, land planning and land use were some field of work that would provide youths in the districts with the relevant skills.

“It will then be easier for us to share the knowledge around the community because one of our own is experienced and qualified in the field so they will come back and teach us.

“This is forward-thinking, we have to think of our family that will come years and decades after us.”

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