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A new video was launched by ACT NOW PNG based on the report ‘From Extraction to Inclusion’.

ACT NOW has launched a new doodle style video that explains how Papua New Guinea’s reliance on large-scale mining and export logging has failed to improve the lives of most people and why PNG now ranks below its Pacific neighbours on most development indicators.

The video also explains how the mistakes of the past can be set right if the government shifts its focus from extraction to inclusion. This means adopting a new, people-centred approach to development that is based on putting communities at the heart of decision making and developing their strong agricultural and artisan skills.

Ironically, as the video explains, a focus on small and medium-sized enterprises owned by local people and based on PNG Ways and the utilisation of their own customary land is exactly the development path that was set out in the National Goals in our Constitution.

The video is based on the report From Extraction To Inclusionpublished by ACT NOW in partnership with the Oakland Institute and Jubilee Australia, in October 2020.

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