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Samoa Launches Mission Pacific Recycling Programme

Mission Pacific has shown incremental growth in recycling PET bottles and cans by encouraging individuals to hand them into recycling centers.

The Mission Pacific recycling programme was launched Tuesday in Samoa.

Initiated by Samoa Breweries, the main aim of the program is to encourage members of the public to recycle PET bottles by handing them into recycling centers or “buy-back centers” in exchange for cash.

Mission Pacific Samoa offers recycling customers $1.00(US$0.38) per kilo for brands sold by Samoa Breweries. These brands include Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta, FruBu, Keri, Schweppes and Powerade. To maximise recycling efforts, PET bottles need to be clean, with plastic lids and surrounds removed before weighing.

Mission Pacific is a recycling program that was initiated by Coca-Cola Amatil (Fiji) Pte Ltd (CCAF) in 1999. Since its commencement, the program has shown incremental growth from 100 tons of PET bottles and cans recycled annually to 200+ tons.

Mission Pacific in Fiji has seen steady growth each year with more individuals, schools, towns and municipalities joining the program in their bid to do their part for the environment. The aim is that Samoa will follow suit.

“As a leading beverage distributor in Samoa, it is our social responsibility to have a long term commitment to the sustainability of our packaging, as well as the protection of our local environment through this recycling programme,” says Samoa Breweries General Manager, Brent Adams.

Mission Pacific has received support from the Ministry of Natural Resources & Environment(MNRE) to proceed with the programme.

The Chief Executive Officer of MNRE, Frances Brown-Reupena stated that “MNRE commends the efforts of Samoa Breweries in launching Mission Pacific as it further builds on other great recycling initiatives already in place in Samoa and we look forward to partnering with Samoa Breweries in expanding this and other initiatives to increase recycling within Samoa.”

Mission Pacific Samoa Buy Back centers include Samoa Breweries headquarters at Vaitele, Niafane Distributors at Utualii and Leai Ah Fook Distributors in Salelologa, Savaii that open at 8 am – 1 pm Monday to Saturday.

This story was published at Talamua Online on 20 July 2021, reposted via PACNEWS.

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