Volcano Watch team on Home Reef announce that volcanic eruption on the island has ended

The Tonga Geological Society says the volcanic eruption on the Home Reef has stopped.

On Saturday its Volcano Watch team said the last eruption had taken place in the early hours of 17 October.

The watch over Home Reef started on 10 September with multiple eruptions occurring until the last recorded one.

In its final report, the Volcano Watch team said hazard zones for mariners sailing near Home Reef have been lifted, but landing on the newly formed island is prohibited for public safety.

There are no risks to the Vava’u and Ha’apai communities.

Volcanic plume dispersed from the island has decreased and thinned within 1km of the island.

The aviation colour code has also returned to green.

Satellite imagery from last week showed the island had an approximate surface area of 15 acres. Home Reef is located 25km southwest of Late Island, 22km northeast of Lateiki (Metis Shoal) and 75km northwest of Mo’unga’one Island.

This story was originally published at RNZ on 24 October 2022, reposted via PACNEWS.

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