The government of Vanuatu is delighted to announce that Ralph Regenvanu, Minister of Climate Change, has been appointed as the Loss and Damage Champion.

His invaluable expertise and dedication in the field of climate change make him a deserving leader to champion the cause of Loss and Damage (LnD) issues, especially in the context of Pacific countries.

For the first time, a Regional Pacific dialogue was organised by the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Program (SPREP) from the 17-21 July 2023 in Samoa, gathering Pacific leaders to focus on Loss and Damage, and the Minister of Climate Change Ralph Regenvanu was the host for the official opening of the event virtually.

In his opening remarks as the LnD Champion, Minister Regenvanu emphasised seven crucial points that he wants Pacific countries to follow to ensure a strong and united voice on Loss and Damage issues. 

These points include:

Strengthening regional collaboration: The Pacific countries must work together to amplify their voices and drive collective action on Loss and Damage.

Advocacy and awareness: Raising awareness about the impact of climate change and Loss and Damage is critical in garnering support from the international community.

Mobilising climate finance: Securing adequate funding to address Loss and Damage is vital to building resilience and adapting to the impacts of climate change.

Empowering local communities: Ensuring that the most affected communities have the necessary tools and resources to cope with and recover from Loss and Damage.

Engaging with policymakers: Fostering dialogue and collaboration with decision-makers at all levels is essential to implement effective solutions.

Monitoring and evaluation: Developing robust monitoring systems to track the progress of Loss and Damage initiatives and adjust strategies accordingly.

Promoting research and innovation: Encouraging research and innovation to develop new approaches and technologies in addressing climate-induced Loss and Damage.

As the champion, Regenvanu presented the Loss and Damage experience in Vanuatu. He shared valuable insights into the challenges faced by his country, the initiatives undertaken to tackle Loss and Damage, and the lessons that other nations can learn from Vanuatu’s experiences.

The workshop provides a unique opportunity for attendees to exchange ideas, discuss strategies, and collaborate on effective ways to address Loss and Damage in the Pacific region. We are confident that with Minister Regenvanu’s leadership and the active participation of all attendees, this workshop will pave the way for stronger resilience and a unified approach in tackling climate-induced Loss and Damage. 

Director of Climate Change Mike Sam Waiwai as Vanuatu LnD focal point, Lorenzo Raplili from civil society organisation attended the workshop in Samoa. In addition, Dr Christopher Bartlett from Vanuatu also made a presentation that is more on the efforts of the Transition Committee (TC) in addressing Loss and Damage.

This story was originally published at Vanuatu Govt on 27 July 2023, reposted via PACNEWS.

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